History – The Triplicane Cultural Academy

The Academy and Intellectual Forum, in its Diamond Jubilee Year, has been serving as a bridge of understanding among the citizens of Chennai and elsewhere providing an opportunity to develop a dispassionate approach to the the problems facing the Country, eschewing all narrowness of outlook.

People from all parts of the Country comprising several top intellectuals, administrators, civil servants, judges, lawyers and lastly students participated in its activities. If the older members cherished its traditional way of doing things, its appeal to the youth was no less. To sum up, the Academy has been reckoned as a shining star not only in Triplicane but the entire Country at large.

Lectures, Talks & Symposia

Many distinguished persons from different walks of Life, National and International, who count most in shaping thought and action in our Country have delivered lectures/talks under the auspices of the Academy. The seminars and symposis held on topical subjects, helped to focus attention on different aspects of the problem. The question and answer session following the talks has always been lively. It can be that the audience benefited as much as the speakers in the give and take. The subjects of these discussions cover a wide range. Politics, Economics, Public Administration, Religion, Music, Dance, Drama, FIlms, Literature and Education.

A list of important persons and other dignitaries who have participated in the Academy activities can be seen here. The list looks like a roll-call of honour, representing eminence in various fields.

Rajaji Memorial Lecture:

Being alive to the importance of celebrations in memory of  great men, in promoting cultural development, special functions have been held periodically on National leaders, Saints, Poets and Music composers.

RAJAJI was taking keen interest in the functioning of the Academy from its very inception and to keep alive his memory Special Lecture is being organised every year. The series was inagurated in 2005 by Sri. S.M. Krishna, the then Governor of Maharashtra.


The academy lives up to its name by paying special attention to Fine Arts. Musicians, Musicologists and Connoisseurs have participated in the Academy programmes. These were something more than mere concerts or academic discussions, but a happy blend of both, instructive as well as aesthetically pleasing demonstration of rare musical instruments. Demonstration of dance forms and debates on the film media have been held from time to time. In the early days, dramas were successfully staged by its members